Invitation: Poplin Shirt Launch - Sun May 17, 2020 10:00

If confinement has taught us one thing, it is to be patient. However, we're not going to lie to you: 4 days before the launch of La Chemise en Poplin, we're having a little trouble keeping our cool. 

And reading your messages, it seems like we're not the only! You too can't wait to see the final result. So we won't make you wait any longer and we'll reveal the rest to you right now!

In this new article, you will discover the rendering of the shirt worn, its price as well as all the useful information to have peace of Sunday morning.

The true price of luxury

We're not going to take two ways. Our goal with RÉUNI is to make luxury and sustainable fashion accessible to more people. It’s very simple, we want to offer luxury quality at a price 4 to 8 times lower.

To achieve this, we have chosen to sell our pieces directly and by pre-order. With this model, no intermediary takes their share, there are no storage costs, no sales, no unsold items. And we don't do expensive marketing campaigns.

Thanks to these savings, we can apply sales prices which are not completely uncorrelated with the manufacturing costs of the clothing. Fair prices for everyone.

The Poplin Shirt will therefore be sold for €117! Yes yes, you are not dreaming :)

As a reminder, this is a double twisted fabric 100% GOTS certified cotton, woven in France by a house with recognized know-how for over 160 years and OEKO labeled -TEX®️ Standard 100. 

The shirt is made in Europe in the same workshops as several large prestigious houses whose names we would like to shout out. 

Its creation is the result of several weeks of development and improvement, meticulous teamwork carried out with our dear Michael, modeler for eminent luxury brands and in the profession for over 25 years. 

In summary, this shirt is a concentrate of quality and know-how. 

We don't want to outbid. But we challenge anyone to find clothes of this quality at such a price. This gives meaning to what we do and makes us extremely proud.

If you don't want to miss the launch of La Chemise en Poplin, sign up right here (we'll send you an alert)

The Women’s House

The need for meaning, let’s talk about it. 

We decided to donate €5 per shirt sold to La Maison des femmes de Saint-Denis, a place of welcome and guidance for all vulnerable women or victims of violence .

The Maison des femmes de Saint-Denis was the first structure in France to offer comprehensive care for women victims of violence and excision. We will soon receive its founder Ghada Hatem on our podcast RÉUNI POUR CHANGER LE MONDE in order to better explain the action carried out by her association. 

We are so happy to associate you with this cause. This is also why we do RÉUNI, to support projects and people who participate in positive changes in our society . It’s our way of changing the world in our own small way.

Where, when, how ?

Now let's talk about the little technical details. 

Pre-orders will open Sunday May 17 at 10 a.m. on No stress, we will send you the link by email upon opening.

Please note, we will open sales for a few days only. Once sales are closed, we will start production.

The delivery date is estimated in September, perfect for the start of the school year. 

It's a bit of a wait, we'll grant you that, but it's the counterpart of unbeatable value for money. And then we can see it from a different angle: it’s the opportunity to relearn how to desire our clothes and to rediscover the excitement we had as when we were waiting for our Christmas presents…

Of course, the first shirts ordered will be the first delivered. So if you are in a, we are expecting you at short notice on Sunday morning. 10 a.m. is fine! You can still sleep in ;)

At this price, we unfortunately cannot offer you shipping costs. On the other hand, we have set up payment in 3 installments and exchanges and returns will be free!

If you don't want to miss the launch of La Chemise en Poplin, sign up right here (we'll send you an alert)

Follow the guide

To help you choose your size, we have put together a short guide

For the colors, it's easy, there are only 2 models: white or blue striped.

The cut of the shirt is slightly oversized (loose). It fits normally but if you are unsure between two sizes, take the smaller one.

If you prefer to wear your clothes closer to the body, we advise you to take one size smaller than your usual size. And if the size doesn't fit, don't forget, exchanges are free.

Sophie, muse and committed

We couldn't end this article without talking to you about Sophie, our muse for the Poplin Shirt.

With Sophie, we didn’t choose each other by chance. We were looking for a model who was beautiful and talented, but who also perfectly embraced the values ​​of RÉUNI in her own life.

Sophie has been a mother and model for over 13 years. She is very committed to more responsible fashion. In fact, we will talk to you in the coming days about his incredible project.

Before leaving

Now it’s time to say goodbye. We're counting on you to be there on Sunday. We need your support in numbers to be able to continue to offer this level of quality at a reasonable price and to support initiatives like those of the Maison des femmes.

As usual, do not hesitate to give us your comments on our site or our social networks. Also ask us your questions, we will be happy to answer them!

See you Sunday at 10 a.m. without fail ;)

Until then, take good care of yourself.

Alice, Adrien & Julien

If you don't want to miss the launch of La Chemise en Poplin, sign up right here (we'll send you an alert)

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